Famous for the "Whole Pig On a Bun"

William "Woody" Wood and his wife Cecelia started Wood Bar-B-Que in 1985 as a hobby, just part-time in the spring and fall, between Woody's crop dusting flying season. Business grew and in 1992, Woody crawled out of an airplane and they went full-time selling Bar-B-Que and catering in the small town of Waldenburg, Arkansas...at the four-way stop. The junction of Hwy. 14 and 49 is where Woody's Bar-B-Q began to be known by locals and truckers from coast to coast. If you ever ate one of Woody's sandwiches, you would soon realize where the logo came from. There is so much meat on the bun, the customers claimed "We were putting the whole hog on the sandwich!" But not only generous piles stacked high of bar-b-q on the sandwich, Woody's Bar-B-Q sauce was in such demand. Everyone wanted some to carry home for their own backyard Bar-B-Que. So by popular demand, Woody finally made his sauce available to his loyal customers. If you ever have time to visit Woody's in Arkansas, make sure you look for the sign with the "pig on the bun" logo!

Recently, Woody and Cecelia decided to lay down their cooking utensils and retire from the Bar-B-Que business. In early 2020 they sold the business to Tony, Suzy & Madelyn Ramsey from Weiner, Arkansas. Tony, Suzy & Madelyn have already begun to mix, shake and sell Woody's products with a whole new freshness in mind. But rest assured, they continue to add love to all the original recipes, and do it all just up the road in Weiner, Arkansas.

These award winning sauces and rubs have a rich history and The Ramsey's are honored to continue that history and provide our valued customers the wonderful goodness you'll find in each and every one of our products.

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Charlie says: "I'm just getting started here, please tell me ya got more Woody's Bar-B-Q!"

The original owners of Woody's Bar-B-Q: William "Woody" Wood and his wife Cecelia